Tornado: Farm Escape

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It’s time for a little escapism. Watch your favorite farm animals and most cherished possessions get shredded to smithereens as a storm wreaks havoc on your rural hometown. The good news is that the graphics are incredible and the potential earnings gigantic. Tornado: Farm Escape is presented to you by NetEnt. Responsible for a plethora of legendary casino games, the brilliant geniuses certainly did not hold back on this wild ride. You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the variety of fun and eye- catching features designed to boost your earnings. If you’re wondering how to cash in on the possible big wins, read on to discover everything you need to know about this mesmerizing gem.

Как играть:

Experienced high rollers and new players alike love the intuitive set-up of this classic. There’s nothing to it: simply choose a level from one to ten and a coin value from one cent to a dollar. Multiply the two and you get your bet total. The game is played with 20 bet lines and five reels. If you’re determined to win big, use the handy max bet feature to automatically increase your selected coin value to the maximum and get the reel rolling. Or, use auto play to select up to 1,000 rounds, and then watch the hens squawk and pigs oink towards jackpot earnings. The highest win per bet line goes to you, plus there are several exciting bonus features, such as wild symbols, that offer increased earnings.

Бонусные раунды:

The unpredictability of Tornado: Farm Escape will keep you on your toes all night long. You never know what will happen once the reel starts spinning. Perhaps the storm feature will be activated randomly, sending your horses galloping away in fear. Watch out for the brewing danger from one of the outermost reels. It can happen at any time: the storm will creep in and generate wild symbols to increase your chances of hitting it big. Or, maybe a tornado will hit instead. A tornado is activated when a hot symbol lands on reel one and a cold symbol on reel five. A deadly combination indeed; whatever symbol appearing on the second row of the center reel will light up and collect all similar symbols as well as wild symbols until none are left. If no active or wild symbols are produced during a round, the tornado will creep away and you will return to standard playing until the next crazy disaster.

Tornado: Farm Escape Дополнительные функции:

Players just can’t get enough of Tornado: Farm Escape. A 96.5% return rate proves that this rollicking roller-coaster adventure is here to stay. Why risk it all at the blackjack table when you can work towards your dream car, house or vacation without the possibility of losing your earnings? Indeed, there are so many exciting possibilities that the chances of leaving with a fat wallet are enormous. With most of the screen devoted to zany graphics of lovable animals, there is truly nothing to lose as you maneuver several buttons on the bottom of the screen. No steep learning curve and no hassle: just heart pounding excitement for hours on end.


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