Super Lucky Frog

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Как играть Super Lucky Frog

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Super Lucky Frog is a cute video slots game that will drag you right into a fairytale. Based on the tale of the princess and the frog, this game features cute graphics of mystical creatures, including unicorns. The sound effects add to the cutesy feel with a background of water sounds. Your attention will be captivated by the bright, playful colors. The feeling of magic is all around as you spin and watch the symbols fly by and then fall into place. While you are hoping for a win every time, you’ll still be amused by everything this game offers even when you don’t.

Как играть:


The game features buttons that you click to adjust your bet lines, coin value and bet levels. You simply click the corresponding button to change the settings. When you click the bet lines button, helpful lines show up on the game board to show you how each bet line works on the board. It’s a nice feature that is great for a beginner who is trying to get a good understanding of video slots. After you have set everything where you want it, you simply click the round button in the middle to spin and get the fun started. There is also a max bet button, which spins automatically at the maximum bet level for the coin value you have set. Make sure your coin value is where you want it before hitting this button. There is an autoplay option, but the button is kind of hidden down in the lower left corner by the information button.

Бонусные раунды:

You are playing on five reels and three rows in this game. However, there are 25 bet lines that can greatly increase your chances of winning. You have to match left to right on any of the activated bet lines to win. There are wilds on the board that stand in for any of the other symbols to help make matches. You can start out with just one coin betting on one line or you can max out at four coins on all 25 lines. The highest win on a line is the only one paid, but your can win on more than one line per round.

Super Lucky Frog Дополнительные функции:


This game has bonus symbols that allow you to get to the jackpot game. This is a big wheel that you spin to gather prizes. The main game board will disappear to show the jackpot game. You also have a chance to win free spins. The scatter symbols do not have to match in a consecutive way. You just have to have three or more on the board to win the free spins. The free spin round starts right away with a button that has a display to tell you how many free spins you have left. Once you hit the button to start the free spins, they automatically spin for you. You may have to step in every now and then if you get the jackpot game, which you have to spin for on your own, but after the jackpot game is over, it sends you right back to finish the free spins.


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